How To Download, Install and Use Your

Free Digital Course Templates

No Experience or Skills Required

Hey – thanks for requesting my free digital course templates.

Here’s how it works. Below you’ll see some boxes and buttons. One of them is for downloading the templates and the rest are videos showing you how to use the templates.

That’s it. Enjoy!



Download the Templates

Before you can use the templates you’ll need to download them. It’s not very hard. Just click the button and you’ll be done in seconds.



Install the Templates

After you’ve downloaded the templates, you need to install the free Elementor page builder and the templates. This video shows you how.



Login, Account, Password

The Login, Account and Recover Password templates are the simplest and are very similar. So we’ll start learning with these.



Thank You Page

This is the most basic of all the pages. It’s just the page that someone see’s after purchasing your course. Anyway, here’s how to use it.



Order Form

The Register or Order form page is a little more advanced. But relax, I’ll show you everything you need to know about using it in this video.



Course Delivery

This is the big one, the page you will use to deliver all of your course videos. Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about this guy.

What To Do If Stuff Doesn't Work

We’re dealing with “code” here, so one little mistake in any of the settings can cause stuff to break.

But let’s assume you’ve done everything perfectly, following exactly what I showed you in the videos. And something still doesn’t work.

99.999% of the time the problem is due to a conflict in WordPress. That means Elementor (the page builder used for the templates) is having an argument with either other plugins you’re using with WordPress or your WordPress theme.

To track down if the problem is being caused by other plugins, disable your other plugins one by one and test to see if the page you’re having problems with works.

To track down if the problem is being caused by your WordPress theme, switch to a different theme and see if the page you’re having problems with works.

Yea, it sucks that you have to do this, but that’s how it goes with WordPress.

You can also click here to get help from Elementor’s support site.