How I Built an Email List With 13,140 Names,

Made 657 Sales With No Ads,

Got 6,734,994 Views with Just 5 Videos

and Did It All 100% For Free Using YouTube

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You want to start a new business, resurrect an ignored business or grow an existing business…and what you desperately need is traffic (i.e. eyeballs on your stuff).

Running paid ads is out, as you don’t have the money or it seems too complicated. Blogging and social media are out, as you’ve already tried them and the only people who saw your stuff were family and friends.

Which leads you to YouTube.

Maybe you already have a YouTube channel, but you’ve never had much luck with it. Or you’ve neglected it. Or you’ve let it go dormant.

Or maybe you’re thinking about getting started on YouTube. But you keep procrastinating because you don’t know if it will be worth your effort…after all, it seems like it would take a ton of time to make videos.

Well, what if I told you there was a specific formula you could follow with YouTube…a formula that can skyrocket your odds of success and dramatically slash your odds of failure (along with wasted time).

A formula that is easy to use, easy to follow and is 100% legitimate (that means it you won’t get in trouble with YouTube, in fact, it’s what nearly all successful folks on YouTube do to get views and subscribers).

And what if I told you that you could start using and benefiting from this formula right now…whether you have an existing YouTube channel or are starting a new one from scratch.

Would you be interested? I hope so, because it’s the exact formula I used to get the results I listed at the top of this page. 

And Better Yet,

I Did It All On Auto-Pilot

56, 282 YouTube channel subscribers. An email list with 13,140 names. 657 digital product sales. 6,734,994 video videos. All from YouTube. And all without spending a single penny.

Are those numbers off the charts? No, but they are healthy…especially when you consider that I spend zero time on my little YouTube side business. And oh…all of it has happened from just 5 YouTube videos (imagine if I started putting some effort into it).

But how is this even possible?

Well, it’s all in the formula I use. A formula based on common-sense, with a little bit of street-smarts sprinkled in.

And the reason why this formula works so well on any YouTube channel…dead channels, new channels, any channel…is because it’s based around principles that YouTube wants you to use. In fact, not only do they want you to use a formula like this, but they actually reward you for it. 

For you that means top rankings, more views and more subscribers…automatically…without chasing after gimmicks or so-called underground breakthroughs. Plus, you can start getting results from this formula immediately…you don’t need any ninja skills and you don’t have to buy any stuff.

And the best part is…

Now You Can Use My Formula Too...

Introducing YouTube Mastery 2021-2022

YouTube Mastery 2021

I lay out all the details on how to use this formula in my new course called YouTube Mastery 2021-2022.

It contains 100%, step by step video lessons where I show you exactly how to use this formula for both new and existing YouTube channels. No fluff, no filler, no long-winded B.S. on this or that…just the stuff you need to know (and nothing you don’t).

Here's a Closer Look At What You'll Learn

The Setup Stuff

In this section of the training, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about properly setting up your YouTube channel.

That means not only the cookie-cutter stuff like banners and widgets, but how to properly setup your YouTube channel for conversions.

What do I mean by conversions? Well, here's the rub. YouTube loves keeping people on's how they make their money. But in order for you to make money, you need to get people off of YouTube and onto your site. No easy task if you don't have the street smarts. So I'm going to give you the street smarts to do that - to turn YouTube viewers into website visitors.

The bottom line? You'll not only learn how to properly setup your YouTube channel, but more importantly, set it up for the best conversions (so you can gain leads and customers).


The Stalking Stuff

Here's the good news. The vast majority of your competitors on YouTube have absolutely no clue what they are doing.

Here's the bad news. There will be some who do know what they are doing. Those would be the people who already have the audience that you want...or will try to steal the audience that you have.

So in this section of the training I'm going to show you how to ethically stalk the competition, where you can not only glean the information needed to beat them, but "future-proof" yourself from all the new competitors that come along.

Even though I refer to this as stalking, what you're really learning in this section is longevity. That means where you can make a single video, but have it consistently generate traffic year, after year, after year. Try doing that with a social media will never happen. This can happen only on YouTube and only when you know the secrets to doing it.

The bottom line? You'll know how to beat your competition, beat back new competition and get the most bang for your buck with every video you create.


The Keyword Stuff

If you want to rank of the first page of Google, your website will need lots of backlinks (other sites linking to you), along with a host of other SEO-geek-stuff.

But YouTube is very different, where the biggest ranking factor is the keywords that you use with your videos. As such, this is probably the most important part of the training. It will be the difference between a video immediately getting lots of views and a video getting lost in the vast YouTube ocean.

Again, the good news is that the majority of your competitors will be clueless about keywords. So you're really going to gain an unfair advantage as I walk you through the science of selecting the proper keywords for your videos.

And it truly is a science. Most people think "hey, I'll just go after the most popular keyword for my market". You don't want to do won't end well for you. Instead, you'll want to follow the step by step formula I lay out in this section of the training. With it, you'll be able to side-step the "popular keyword" crowd and get more eyeballs on your stuff than they ever could.

The bottom line? You won't be publishing and praying with your YouTube videos (like everyone else) - you'll be publishing videos for profit.

The Video Stuff

By video stuff, I don't mean the techie stuff like what camera and microphone to use. The truth is, video production quality (or lack thereof) has very little to do with generating traffic from YouTube videos.

But what does matter is making your videos "sticky". That means so people stick around and don't click away 15 seconds into your video. And behind keywords, this video "stickiness" is the next important factor for getting your videos to rank high.

So in this section of the training, I'm not only going to show you how to get people to click on your videos in the first place, but how to keep them watching once they start.

Unlike keywords (which is a science), making your videos sticky is an art. But relax, you'll have no worries as I'll walk you through step by step how to apply this art to each and every one of your videos.

The bottom line? You're going to have another competition-killing trick up your sleeve.

The Street-Smart Stuff

Remember, I said my YouTube formula is all about common-sense, sprinkled with some street smarts. And more often than not, it's the street smarts that's the difference between a video getting 10 views or 1,000.

So in this section of the training, I'm going to share all of my little tricks of the trade...from nearly forcing people to engage with your videos, to nearly forcing them to leave YouTube and go to your website...and everything in between.

I'll also be sharing how I run my little YouTube business on auto-pilot. So if learning how to set things up once...and have it all run automatically from there...appeals to you, then I've got you covered in the training.

What you'll be getting in this section are my best gold nuggets from real-world experience...not repeated advice from a wanna-be who has never actually built an email list or made a sale using free YouTube traffic.

The bottom line? You're going to be wiser, get more views, more leads and make more sales with what I share in this section of the training.

Hey Dave, How Is This Different From

Your Older YouTube Courses?

“Older” is the key word here. That last course I published on using YouTube for free traffic was in 2015 (6 years ago).

So let’s jump in a time-machine and go back to 2015…

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the latest iPhone-killer, with a “spectacular HD-resolution display”. It sold for $800. You can pick one up now on eBay for $80.
  • The original Apple Watch was released. It is now officially obsolete. It is 6 versions old.
  • Windows 10 was released, with “free upgrades for Windows 7 users” (shocking to think I was still actually using Windows 7 back then).
  • Hoverboards were the hot new thing, until they started to blowing up and starting fires.
  • The iPhone 6S was the newest iPhone and was called “revolutionary”. It’s now called “ancient”.
  • And the top 5 trending searches on the Internet in 2015? 1. Lamar Odom 2. Jurassic World 3. American Sniper 4. Caitlyn Jenner 5. Ronda Rousey (when is the last time you even thought about any of these?)


The point here is obvious. Things change dramatically over time, especially technology. And that includes what works and doesn’t work on YouTube.

In other words, my old YouTube courses are just that…old. They covered what worked in 2015 and earlier. My new course covers what works now, in 2021-2022 and beyond.


Get Traffic, Leads and Sales

Without Paying or Praying For It

Look, you can pay for traffic if you want. Just be warned there is a healthy learning curve and it gets expensive (the average cost to gain a single lead on Facebook is $18.68; on Google Ads it’s $56.11).

You can try to rank on the first page of Google. Just be warned that every other competitor in your market is trying to do the same thing (SEO is uber-technical and uber-competitive).

You can try to become a viral social media sensation. Just be warned that social media platforms are very fickle, where it’s here today, gone tomorrow…including sometimes your social media account (ask Donald Trump).

Or you can use what I teach you in YouTube Mastery 2021-2022, which is the simplest, safest and lowest-competition way to drive free traffic to your website.

Look, I’m not promising that you’re going to get a stampede of traffic to your website overnight. But what I am promising is that I’m giving you a proven and reliable formula for driving consistent, FREE traffic to your website, year after year.

If that’s for you, start now by signing-up below.

How Much?

Just $249

You can get instant, lifetime access to YouTube Mastery 2021-2022 right now for just $249. All of the training is 100% video based and you can watch from any device you want, whenever you want and as often as you want.

And oh…there are no annoying upsells or hoops to jump through…this deal is exactly what I say it is.  Enroll now and you’ll get instant, unlimited, lifetime access to the training.  No catches and no fine print.

Sound fair to you? Then be sure to sign-up below right now…and start getting free traffic from YouTube.

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