New Canon Vixia Video Cameras Connect Wirelessly To iPad’s


Canon is set to release four new Vixia cameras that not only feature image processors which perform 20% better in low light, but feature built in WI-FI too.

With the built-in WI-FI you’ll be able to send videos wirelessly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and virtually any computer.  You can also connect wirelessly to all iOS devices, like the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad (you’ll need to download a free Canon app first).

Connecting wirelessly to the iPad is the most interesting though.  That’s because…if you’re using the new iPad…it gives you a quick and easy way to preview the footage you shot on a better-than-high-definition screen.  This can help you catch any mistakes in the footage on the spot…instead of hours later when it’s tool late to reshoot.

The new Canon Vixia’s which feature the built-in WI-FI range in price from $449 to $749…the specific models are HF M50, HF M52, HF R30 and HF R32.  Click here to see all of them on Amazon.

And below is a video showing a new Vixia connecting wirelessly to an iPad: