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Hey Dave Kaminski here.

If you’re not familiar with the term, white label products (usually books, software or video) are products where everything is already done for you…and you simply purchase a “white label license” for the product, which means you can sell the product from your own website, under your own name…and you get to keep 100% of the profits.

For example, let’s say I wanted to get into the dog training market.  And someone had a training course for dogs that was available “white label”.  I would purchase the white label version of the training course, download it, put it on my own site and then start selling it under my own name…keeping 100% of the sales for myself.

In other words, you get a product you can sell instantly…without having to actually create the product. Think of them like an instant business, content and sales.

Problem is, nearly all white label products suck. They are poor quality and things no one wants to buy in the first place. To put it another way, they are a waste of time and money.

But What If You Could Get White Label Courses

That Are Legit, Proven Sellers?

Well, now you can.

That’s because for a very limited time (as in, until the timers on this page hit all zeros), I’m making a collection of my best-selling courses available in white label versions.

That means you can take any of these courses and begin selling them as your own…while keeping 100% of the profits. Yea, I did all the work and you make all the money.

How does it work? You pick the course (or courses) that you want and pay the white label fee. You’ll then be able to instantly download all of the course videos and upload them to your own site, where you can then start selling them or offering them to your membership group.

While I may appear in some of the courses, the videos are free from any branding of Web Video University. You also get the course syllabus (lesson titles, length, etc.). I am not providing the sales pages for the courses, however, you are free to use the copy from the sales pages on Web Video University. And to be clear, I am not hosting the videos…you download the videos and use/sell them on your own platform.

What are rules? It’s simple. You cannot upload the videos to YouTube or Udemy. And you cannot give the videos away for free. Other than that, you’re golden. You are free to sell the course for whatever price you’d like. And if you have a membership group, you can use the course as content for that membership too.

Think of it as getting an instant business, content and sales with professionally made courses that have already been proven to sell.

All of the white labels fees are one-time only. That means you pay once and never have to pay another penny.

The list of available courses are below. Just remember, these will no longer be available after the counters on this page his all zeros.

The Courses Below Are Available Right Now

(but only until the timer hits zero)


YouTube Video Ads for Regular People

How to use YouTube video ads to get an unlimited amount of targeted visitors to your website for a fraction of the cost of Facebook. Contains 42 videos.

Facebook Ads for Regular People

How to go from zero, to building an email list or selling a product in under 60 minutes. No experience needed. Contains 23 videos.


How to turn Zoom meetings into a profitable business by running paid meetings and classes for yourself or others. Contains 57 videos.

Copywriting If You Suck At Copywriting

How to craft copy that gets clicks and makes sales if you suck at writing and don’t know where to even start. Contains 28 videos.

Smartphone Video Profits

The most powerful marketing tool you have is the one already sitting in your hand. Learn how to make killer smartphone videos for profit. Contains 44 videos.

Pinterest Marketing For Business

How to use Pinterest to get free traffic for your business using the most overlooked and best converting platform around. Contains 29 videos.

Digital Body Language For Business

How to read people online and how to control exactly how people read you. Indispensable for any online business owner. Contains 30 videos.

Storytelling For Internet Marketers

Learn step by step how to use the incredible power of storytelling in emails, videos, sales pages and content. Contains 37 videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the existing product is not free.

Yes, in fact this is what most people do. For example, if someone worked with Realtors, they would use a white label course for the “beef” of the content but add their own videos and talk about how certain content applies to Realtors.

Yes. There might be minor interface changes to any apps shown in the videos (this is common even in brand new courses), but the workflow and techniques shown in the videos are up to date.

Yes, you can alter the videos however you’d like.

Yes, you can alter the videos however you’d like.

Yes, you can alter the videos however you’d like.

Yes, as long as your membership or community is not free.

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