Flash Player 10.1 To Support Mobile Devices


Adobe announced today that sometime in 2010, we will all start enjoying the ability to watch Flash video on mobile devices (cell phones, Netbooks, etc.) just as easily as we do on our PC’s.

This will happen with the release of Flash Player 10.1, which reportedly will:

  • Work on nearly all smartphones whether they are running Windows Mobile, Android or Palm OS
  • Work with touch screens
  • Offer hardware acceleration and video decoding, which means you can/should get smooth playback on mobile devices, even with HD video

iPhone users are still of of luck though.  As Apple’s QuickTime video format is a competitor to Flash, Adobe and Apple aren’t playing nicely with each other .  Or as Adrian Ludwig, group manager of Flash platforms at Adobe puts it, “So far, we haven’t received the support that we need from Apple.”

So it sounds like 6 months from now nearly every mobile device will have the ability to stream Flash video from anywhere on the web…except the iPhone.


  • C’mon Apple, get with the program please! I bought this phone for it’s advances and superiortiy, please don’t make me regret my decision and loose faith in what I thought has been the phone on the forefront of technology…of course this is about money like always I’m sure

  • Apple is notorious for protecting its software and hardware. Ipods still seem to be selling by the bucketload with or without Flash. Having said that if everyone else has Flash videos on their phones Apple may have a big decision to make in a year’s time

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