New Canon 5D Mark III To Be Released Next Month


When it was first released, the Canon 5D Mark II quickly became a legend of sorts.  Not only did it instantly become the go-to camera for professional photographers, but it was the first DSLR camera to shoot HD video.  And it’s video capabilities have largely changed the video world.  But now it’s time for out with the old and in with the new.

The new being the Canon 5D Mark III.  The Mark III is not a complete redesign of it’s legendary predecessor…instead, Canon simply improved all of the areas that needed improving.

For example, the new Canon 5D Mark III sports a 61 point auto focus system vs. the older models’ 9 point system.  The new 5D offers dual memory card slots…you can use either SDXC or CF memory cards (only CF was available in the old 5D).  The new 5D has slightly more resolution in the LCD screen.  And it shoots photos at 6 fps vs. 3.9 fps with the old model.  Those are just a few of the improvements.

But the video section is where the original 5D could have used the most improvement.  And that’s exactly what Canon did with the video offerings for the new 5D Mark III.  The camera now shoots HD video at 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p50.  It can also shoot SD video at 25 or 30 fps.

The video is still recorded using H.264 but files are now limited to a max length of around 30 minutes (used to be around 12 minutes)…but if you go over that for a single file, the camera will automatically continue recording to a new file.

The Canon 5D Mark III is scheduled to hit the street in late March or early April 2012.  It will carry a body-only price of $3,499 and will also be available with a EF 24-105mm f/4 IS USM kit lens for $4,299.

Full details are available on Canon’s web site by clicking here.  And their promo video for the 5D Mark III is below:




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  • Still the same focusing limitation in HD recording though, which limits this version to being stuck on a tripod, the same as its predecessor.

    I’ve got a 550d and it’s the only beef I’ve got with these Canon DSLRs in HD record mode – the focusing when you’re panning or tracking a moving subject.

    Actually, these DSLRs are put into the shade when recording HD by the new iPad3/HD. I’ve got one and the video quality is fantastic AND it’s a joy to use.